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Our models are made for Golfers who enjoy the sensation of wearing authentic, unique, personalized footwear, handcrafted by European masters.

A handcrafted made to order shoe,
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You can customize every component of the shoe, using our Configurator

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You can choose from a wide selection of models, Saddle, Loafer, Oxford, Full Brogue and Double Monk.

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Each shoe is handmade by our craftsmen and made to order

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Our production is based on a network of European craftsmen

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It takes 5 weeks and more than 100 tasks of precise craftsmanship
to create each customized golf shoe.

Emboss your initials (optional)

Be the most stylish on the golf course.
Create your unique style.

Exclusive handmade golf shoes made with the finest materials and leathers available, with limitless customizations.​

Each of our shoes is made with more than 100 manual steps with fine leathers and calf linings that make the shoe light, breathable, and water-resistant. We also work with fine leathers, alligators, pythons, and ostriches, with lightweight Vibram rubber bottoms. All our shoes are handmade, and therefore, they are unique pieces.

We offer customization of every detail of the shoe, with painted leather and with the initials on the heel. Classic golf shoes usually offer good comfort, are waterproof, and have strong traction thanks to their spikes. Therefore, they are perfect to be used all year round and in any weather condition.

Classic Golf shoes back on the Golf Course

The world of shoes is really fascinating and varied. 

A shoe may seem only apparently equal to another. At the same time, it may differ in the use of leather but especially if it is an “industrial” shoe or completely handmade leather golf shoes.

It’s a trendy model of shoe. We can call it a stylish golf shoe that lends itself to different variations.

The Oxford can be made from a single piece of leather (Connor model), or with a smooth toe like.

The Full Brogue is a model characterized by the use of “patterns” along its stitching and some shoe components.

We have created the Longwing Blucher Golf shoe model for our trendy golf players to recall the glories of past times, with two-tone or glossy varnished leather.

Tiger is our Top Luxury Spikeless Golf Shoe. It is made with premium medium and dark brown Alligator skin.

Connor model is a unique shoe because made with a whole cut of painted pebble-grain calf leather.

Our Loafer Golf shoe is a shoe of the no laces golf shoes category, suitable for informal situations, where the leather of the upper wraps around the whole foot. 

 A closed shoe with the upper that goes up towards the instep, on which is superimposed a wing fastened laterally by one (single monk strap) or two buckles (double monk strap) depending on the model. 

Originating in the early eighteenth century as a sneaker, the Sneaker (from the English verb “to sneak”, to move without making noise) has become a popular rubber-soled sports shoe.

Our spikeless golf shoes can be used both on the golf course and after the game and be defined as “walking golf shoes”.

If combined with fabrics, they can be defined as breathable golf shoes, while made using exotic skins such as ostrich or alligator, they represent our luxury golf shoes.

They have become one of the most popular choices nowadays. They guarantee high comfort and are lighter than classic models. 

Many players prefer these models as they experience less back and foot pain at the end of the day than traditional models.

On the contrary, they are not suitable shoes in case of rain, as they are not 100% waterproof, and do not keep warm in winter. Also, on wet and long grass, they do not offer maximum stability.

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