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hanmade Bespoke Shoes

Customization & Passion for details

With our dynamic and talented team, we aim to create, design, and provide, the best shopping and fashionable experience to our customers.
We strive to make them feel special by creating the most comfortable environment possible.

We are dedicated to developing new products with new styles and strong personalities.
We believe that a great fashion experience begins with a great artisan. We try to offer the same attention to detail as when you’re looking for a tailored suit or pair of pants.

At ADHOC Golf Bespoke Shoes, we make custom handmade shoes like it used to be.

We bring the luxury of customization and made-to-order to everyone.
We have developed the configurator to allow each customer, from the comfort of his home, to customize every detail of the product, from the type and color of leather, to accessories, soles and laces.
And for the most demanding ones, we also provide the possibility to engrave their initials directly on the shoe’s heel.

"Everyone can wear a shoe,
but only you can wear GolfBespoke Shoes."

We continuously invest in the research of materials and finishes. 

We use luxury and premium quality leather, such as ostrich, alligator, python, suede, and calfskin, combined with manual patina and burnishing processes.

With this awareness, we have created an exclusive line of golf shoes that can be customized in every detail.

Why settle for a Nike or Adidas golf shoe that everyone can buy when you can have your exclusive model?

We combine the best models and leathers for a casual or formal and definitely unique style.

Front side Loafer Golf Bespoke Shoes
Left side London Golf Bespoke Shoes
Right side Longwing Blucher Golf Bespoke Shoes

We complete our offer with a series of accessories and travel products to match your shoes. All always in line with our philosophy of customizing every detail because

Elegance is an Attitude.

Our craftsmen at work.

"We have reversed the paradigm of
exclusivity of luxury into
the luxury of exclusivity."

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