Custom-made Divergent
Golf shoes Collection


We reinvented the leather custom golf shoes.

A unique shoe for an exclusive golfer.

A model to enter the restricted GBS Club to access VIP services such as the customization of your model for a unique shoe made in the world!

From the name of the collection comes divergent creative thinking.

Daring in style, communicating a vision, using innovative materials.
These are the cornerstones with which each model was made.

A divergent style because even with a golf shoe you can communicate thought and a vision.
Innovative because it is the first golf shoe in the world to use recycled leather (from leather scraps) and leather of vegetable origin.
These new materials together with the made-to-order production are our commitment to environmental sustainability.

The best handmade and made-to-order golf shoes, designed by Christian Z.

Built on the Oxford Wholecut model in standard and EE width (9mm wider),

We have also reached another milestone. 

We have added an exclusive feature, the chance to see the selected model directly at your feet using Augmented Reality on your mobile phone.

“If you can dream it, you can do it”.
Walt Disney

Don’t miss the chance to be the most stylish player on the golf course.
If your goal is the luxury of exclusivity, you are in the right place!

Looking for an exclusive one-piece model made for you?
What will be your favorite design?
Our craftsmen are ready to satisfy your requests.
Luxury is also this!

Christian Z

I’m a visionary, and only visionaries can change the rules.

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