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Custom-made Optision
Golf shoes Collection


Golf shoes as you’ve never seen before.

Introducing OPTISION Collection, a fusion of “OPTICAL” and “ILLUSION.”

Experience sophistication with our handmade, custom-decorated golf shoes, crafted using the finest Italian techniques. Elegant in their monochrome geometric patterns, this line caters to discerning players who value both performance and unique style. 

Designed for those who think outside the box, regardless of being a Tiger Woods or simply themselves.

Crafted by our artisans following the stylistic guidance of our designers, these shoes are meticulously shaped to embody the classic forms of the Oxford model, adhering to the timeless rules of classic style.

Available in standard and EE width (9mm wider).

View of model Optision 2, exclusive painted recycled leather golf shoes Model Optision 2 Golf BespokeShoes

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become the most stylish player on the golf course.

Experience the luxury of exclusivity like never before.

Looking for an exclusive one-piece model made for you?
What will be your favorite design?
Our craftsmen are ready to satisfy your requests.
Luxury is also this!

Christian Z

I’m a visionary, and only visionaries can change the rules.

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