Antera is a Golf Belt, part of our golf belts collection.

It is a Made to Order and customizable cool golf belts.
It is manufactured using premium materials and accessories such as burgundy painted calf, luggare nubuck, niqel buckle.

It is the perfect match for both modern and classic looks. You can further customize the colors and materials of the belt and the buckle’s shape and color.
It is ideal for a sophisticated outfit on and off the golf course.

Since each of our products is made-to-order, it is entirely customizable starting from the proposed version. Read the section below for more details.

Free shipping for USA, Canada, Europe and UAE.

Read how to Customize your unique model

Read how to Customize your unique model

Our challenge is to create a customized leathergood for each of our customers. We produce our bags and belts on demand and by hand, using premium leathers and materials.

Our craftsmen assemble each product component according to the instructions provided by the customer through our 3D configurator.

It is only through the meticulous and precise control of each step that we can create bags and belts that are potentially unique in the world thanks to the infinite possibilities of customization.

Use our Configurator to discover the Golf BespokeShoes style.

Create a unique style. Yours!

How long will my order take to be produced?
  • The usual production and shipping time is about 3-5 weeks. Remember that you are purchasing a handmade made-to-order pair of shoes, that is, your pair is not produced in advance, every part of it will be hand-crafted, exclusively for you, after submitting your order. From the start (leather hand cutting) to finish (sole stitching).
  • Since this is a handmade product crafted on request, returns are not accepted. You can find more detailed information at the following link
  • Also, please bear in mind that some customizations and artisan methods (i.e., Patina Finishing) are more time consuming than others. If you customize your order with them, we might exceed the standard manufacturing time.
  • Additionally, bear in mind that some extra customizations (ie. having your initials engraved on the heel) and artisan methods are more time consuming, and might result in extra manufacturing time.
  • When the order is finished, we will ship it to the provided shipping address. You will receive an email notification with the associated tracking number so you can track the status of the parcel online.

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