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Customer Unique design Golf Shoes


The Unique custom golf shoes is one-of-a-kind shoe.

It is a handmade custom design shoe that is personalized to the customer’s specifications and tastes.
The starting model is our Oxford Wholecut, available in standard width or in EE version (9mm wider), comfortable and convenient, made with the best leathers.

This shoe represents the top of our brand philosophy, a customized and exclusive product for our most demanding customers.

After the information is received from the customers, our craftsmen will first develop the graphic sketches, and then also a 3d model visible in augmented reality.

Each shoe has a QR-code imprinted on the tongue, as if it were its own unique and traceable DNA, bearing the identification data of the shoe, the owner, the model, the cost, and the order number.


A unique shoe for exclusive golfer.

A shoe created for people who want to stand out from the crowd.

Craftmanship samples


How long will my order take to be produced?*

How long will my order take to be produced?*

  • The usual production and shipping time is about 6-8 weeks. Remember that you are purchasing a handmade made-to-order pair of shoes, that is, your pair is not produced in advance, every part of it will be hand-crafted, exclusively for you, after submitting your order. From the start (leather hand cutting) to finish (sole stitching).
  • Since this is a handmade product crafted on request, returns are not accepted. You can find more detailed information at the following link
  • When the order is finished, we will ship it to the provided shipping address. You will receive an email notification with the associated tracking number so you can track the status of the parcel online.


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