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A vision behind a Brand

Generally, we talk about products or technologies. Today we talk about people, visions, and projects behind a brand.
Interview with Christian Z.

Q. Hi Christian, tell us a bit of yourself, what your background is and how the Golf Bespoke Shoes and Chris Z shoes brands were born.

A. Well, first of all, I’m a technology enthusiast. I started using my first computer when I was still in primary school. I was fascinated by the idea of somehow having a machine perform a specific task that I assigned. We were in the early days of programming. Then the curiosity to understand how things worked, industrial processes from the simplest to the most complex. 

A proverb dear to me says, learn the art and put it aside, in the sense of understanding how a process works, and sooner or later, directly or indirectly, the study will be helpful to you, perhaps through analogies.
And finally, in parallel with my thirty years of work experience in printed communication, my attitude not to homologate.
I’ve always liked to customize my objects, both because they had to become unique and because I often didn’t find them the way I wanted them.

This is how the Golf Bespoke Shoes brand was born, almost as a bet.
About three years ago, while attending a leather trade show, I saw many designers interfacing with material suppliers to create the models for the new collections, with the usual problems related to the minimum supply quantities.
So lighting.
Why not directly offer the individual customer the possibility to create his product to his liking? According to his tastes and needs?
Hence the idea of creating a handmade product, single piece, or made-to-order for each customer.
Our company motto says “Made by you, Made for you”.
It synthesizes the personal creative process through an online configurator associated with each shoe model, combined with the meticulous craftsmanship of our artisans necessary to create the product for each of our customers.
With Golf Bespoke Shoes, we wanted to break the rigid rules of the classic style of the golf world, with an exclusive vision, but more modern, let’s say 2.0.
In fact, we no longer speak of exclusivity of luxury, but luxury of exclusivity.

Q. What about Chris Z shoes?

A. Well, Chris z shoes represents the same paradigm applied to the world of sneakers in all their nuances, limited, luxury, personalized.

Q. I understand, however, that technology remains a mainstay.

A. Absolutely. Since these are unique products, we try to offer the best buying experience and support for the choice, with a one-to-one service of our craftsmen.
Moreover, in the most exclusive collections of our respective brands, Nuances Collection and X-Collection, we have implemented, among the first, Augmented Reality experiences and, for some models, also Virtual TRY-ON.

Q. What about sustainability?
A. It will undoubtedly be the mood of future productions, recycled materials and components, ethical manufacturing, and definitely sustainable production. Made-to-order, today represents a big step forward, considering that overproduction and returns represent from 30% to 50% of the volumes of the big online players.
Our key choices are the personalized and made-to-order product, the short-chain, and the B2C and B2B models.

Q. Last question. What projects are on the horizon?
A. My vision is starting to see collaborations with other partners and brands and the application of customizations to other fashion products (soles, zippers, custom studs, belts, bags). We are also beginning to talk about female products with models such as slippers rather than decolleté.
We are always talking about a medium-high target, attentive to craftsmanship and quality products, and who certainly does not like to be confused with the masses.
We are also making small productions targeted at the corporate world, rather than exclusive associations/clubs, a niche market with great potential.

Thank you Christian


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